Monthly Archives: 2004/01

[2004/01/30]: Piano Live Three Days: Day One: A Night With Saya

[2004/01/29]: As Looking For “Melancholia”, But Got 40 CD Box Set, Instead:

[2004/01/28]: Mystic River: A Perfect Clint Eastwood Touch

[2004/01/27]: I Know You Got Soul: John Tropea Band Make Full “Funk” House

[2004/01/26]: The Beauty Of Redundancy: Utazawa Live At Shinkiraku

[2004/01/25]: Motown 45 Will Be Held In April

[2004/01/24]: 24-7 She’s Been Thinking About Gag: Comedy “Do Les Miserables”

[2004/01/23]: January 21st Is The Day Jackie Wilson, Another R&B Giant, Died

[2004/01/22]: Stranger Turned To Be A Friend By Power Of Tower & Champagne

[2004/01/21]: Down To The Night Club: Tower Of Power Show What Is Hip

[2004/01/20]: Unchangeable Universality: Norah Jones Live @ Spiral Hall

[2004/01/19]: Snow-Daruma Is Not Snowman: Snow Is Black Somewhere In The World

[2004/01/18]: January 13th Is The Day Donny Hathaway Died

[2004/01/17]: Soysoul Live At Shibuya Quatro: Zooco Is A Tamer Of Wild Beasts

[2004/01/16]: Super Duper Love(Are You Diggin On Me?)–Oh Yes, I’m Diggin On It

[2004/01/15]: The Beach In Winter, The Beach In The End Of Summer: That’s What Sensitive Piano Man Senoo Takeshi Portrays 

[2004/01/14]: Joss Hears Soul Singer’s Voice: And Voice Has Soul

[2004/01/13]: Joss Stone / The Soul Sessions: The Soul Is Here To Stay

[2004/01/12]: As I Stepped Up Stairway, There Was A Soul Bar.

[2004/01/11]: Ain’t No Mountain High Enough

[2004/01/10]: ZIP: Zappy Funk Bar In Osaka

[2004/01/09]: So Question Is When His New Album Will Be Coming Out?

[2004/01/08]: Stevie Wonder @ Osakajo Hall; Day Two

[2004/01/07]: Stevie Wonder @ Osakajo Hall: Day One

[2004/01/06]: New Year Resolution

[2004/01/05]: A Boy I Met At New Year’s Eve

[2004/01/04]: Poet Which Would Give You Courage

[2004/01/03]: Feel ‘N Soul 新春放談のおしらせ

[]: 8 In The Morning, Buenos Aires

[2004/01/02]: Trouble Is Not Something To Avoid, It’s Something To Resolve

[2004/01/01]: A Happy New Year!