2005/03/16 (Wed)
Lyn Collins Died At 56

シンク・アバウト・イット(紙ジャケット仕様) [LIMITED EDITION]ジェームス・ブラウン・ファミリーのファンキーな女性シンガーとして人気を獲得したリン・コリンズが去る3月13日(日)、カリフォルニア州パサディナのハンティントン・メモリアル病院で死去した。56歳だった。水曜日(9日)に体調を悪くし、入院していた。その時点で脳死状態になっており、13日に生命維持装置をはずした模様。親友のマーサ・ハイらが付き添っていた。









WE REMEMBER LYN COLLINS: Singer best known for backing James Brown
dies Sunday.

*Seventies soul singer Lyn Collins, perhaps the most sampled
woman in hip hop, died of cardiac arrest Sunday at Huntington
Memorial Hospital in Pasadena, California. She was 56.

It is Collins' distinct line "It takes two to make a thing go
right," sampled from her 1972 single "Think (About It)," that powers
the classic Rob Base and DJ EZ Rock cut "It Takes Two."

Born June 12, 1948, in Lexington, TX, Gloria Lyn Collins was
discovered in the early '70s along with her relatives Bootsy and
Catfish Collins by James Brown, who was on the verge of his hardcore
funk phase. The Godfather of Soul gave Collins the nickname "Female
Preacher" and featured her as a background singer on many of his

In 1972, she released her own material via Polydor imprint
People Records, including "Think (About It)," which alone has been
sampled over 100 times by various hip hop acts. Her other singles
from that album, including "Mama Feelgood," "Rock Me Again & Again &
Again & Again & Again & Again," and "Take Me Just As I Am" have also
been picked clean by hip hop producers.

"I'm not even sure if she knew how much she is respected and
loved within the industry," says her longtime friend, who prefers
the term sister, Melinda Chatman.

After Collins' stint with Brown, she landed a clerical gig at
the Record Plant Recording Studios in Los Angeles where she formed a
friendship with fellow clerical worker, and singer, Chatman.
Eventually moving on to sing background for such artists as Dionne
Warwick, Al Green and Isaac Hayes, Chatman credits Collins for
giving her the encouragement to pursue a recording career.

"She was so encouraging, always. She loved people so much,"
Chatman told EUR.

During the late `80s and early `90s, Collins had become a
backup session vocalist, and appeared on the soundtracks of the
film "Dr. Detroit" and the TV series "Fame." She also recorded on
Belgium's ARS imprint, releasing the songs "Shout" and "Break Your
Heart" (for an Italian label). In 1993, she remade her
classic "Think (About It)" with the reggae singer Patra.

Collins is survived by two sons, Anthony and Bobby Jackson. A
funeral service will be held this Saturday, March 19, in Dokes
Springs, Texas.


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シンク・アバウト・イット(紙ジャケット仕様) [LIMITED EDITION]
シンク・アバウト・イット(紙ジャケット仕様) [LIMITED EDITION]