WOW FES! ラウル・ミドン、平井堅、ロバータ・フラック 武道館 セットリスト

Wowfes! 2010: Raul Midon, Hirai Ken & Roberta Flack, October 27, 2010 @ Budoukan
Raul Midon
Hirai Ken
Roberta Flack
Takebe Satoshi (musical director)
Shelton Leon Becton (co-musical director)
Nicholas Edward Brancker (co-musical director)
Tsuruya Tomoo (drums)
Toriyama Yuji (guitar)
Ishinari Masato (guitar)
Takeshita Yoshinobu (bass)
Ramsey (percussion)
Murata Akira (keyboard)
Imai Masaki (chorus)
Arisaka Mika (chorus)
Ohtaki Yuko (chorus)
opening act
Soul Matics (vocal group)
Setlist : Wowfes: Raul Midon, Hirai Ken, Roberta Flack, October 27, 2010 @ Budoukan
[ ] denotes original
Performance started 19:02
=Soul Matics=
01. Total Praise
=Raul Midon=
02. Invisible Chains
03. Bonnie’s Song
04. Sittin’ In The Middle
05. State Of Mind
06. Next Generation
07. Someday We’ll All Be Free (with Hirai Ken) [Donny Hathaway]
=Hirai Ken=
08. Sing Forever
09. キャッチボール
10. Life Is…
11. Pop Star
12. アイシテル
13. Where Is The Love (with Roberta Flack) (+Nicholas E Brancker on bass, Shelton Becton on keyboards)
=Roberta Flack=
14. Feel Like Makin’ Love~A Riff Of “You Sure Love To Ball” [Marvin Gaye]~ Feel Like Makin’ Love
15. Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow [Carol King]
16. Baby I Love You (with Shelton Becton) [song Roberta recoded with Donny Hathaway]
17. Soft & Gentle Rain [written by Stuart Scharf]
18. The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face
19. Making Love
20. Killing Me Softly With His Song (with Raul Midon)
Enc. Tonight I Celebrate My Love (with Raul, Ken) [Roberta Flack & Peabo Bryson]
Enc. You’ve Got A Friend (with Raul, Ken)[Carol King, James Taylor, Donny Hathaway]
Show ended 21:10

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