Monthly Archives: 2004/08

[2004/08/30]: What Is The Best Picture Of Music

[2004/08/29]: Crusaders In Misty

[2004/08/28]: Mount Fuji Jazz Festival

[2004/08/27]: Ray Charles VS Norman Sheef: Conversation Of The Masters

[2004/08/26]: Is This A Dream Team? : Jonathan Grier & The Voices Of Judah

[2004/08/25]: Sergio Mendes: Brazilian Night

[2004/08/24]: Tonki: Service Of Ton Of Ki

[2004/08/23]: Earth Wind & Fighters: Impersonation Band Of EWF

[2004/08/22]: Questions To Tao: Lessons About Wadaiko

[2004/08/21]: Samurai Soul Is Here To Stay: Tao Live At Kokusai Forum

[2004/08/20]: The Movie “Maestro”: Valued Archives

[2004/08/19]: Athens 2004 Olympics: The Gold Rush

[2004/08/18]: Maestro, Movie: Documentary Of New York Club Scene

[2004/08/17]: Hot Chucho Valdes Makes Hot Summer Night

[2004/08/16]: How To Write Anita Baker Piece

[2004/08/15]: Talent Of Musicians VS Talent Of Listeners

[2004/08/14]: Kishita Koshi Live: The Live Performance I Really Desired To See

[2004/08/13]: Down Stairs, Up Stairs, Soul Bars In Shinjuku 3-Chome

[2004/08/12]: Spirited Life, Life Is Spirit: Nicholas Pettas’ Soul

[2004/08/11]: Soul Searchin’ Talking/Donny Hathaway: Homework For Everybody

[2004/08/10]: Orito Live At Blues Alley: Homework Is Still Remain

[2004/08/09]: Soul Searchin’ Talking Vol.3 ~A Tribute To Donny Hathaway: The Legend Return

[2004/08/08]: Rick James Died At 56

[2004/08/07]: リック・ジェームス「ソウルサーチン」で追悼

[]: (速報)ファンクマスター、リック・ジェームス死去

[]: Star Dust Story Part 2: Turn Back The Hands Of Time

[2004/08/06]: Star Dust Story Part 1: Memories Gone Beyond The Star Dust

[2004/08/05]: Noise & Telephone

[2004/08/04]: Regina Belle Sings Standards On “Lazy Afternoon”

[2004/08/03]: Another “American Dream”

[2004/08/02]: Shoot The Moon, Fly Me To The Moon, Paper Moon…: Full Of Moon Songs On Full Moon Day

[2004/08/01]: Roots Of Black Music: Blues, Gospel, R&B, Jazz, Soul, All Happening Here @ Harlem Night